All The Lies..

Maybe its just me.. but I don’t feel the need to lie to a stranger about things. Even if they do live with me. What difference would it make right? They’d just go on living their life anyways. Now, that’s basically the relationship Alec and I had. We were basically strangers to one another. The only tie we had together was Ian. He felt the need to make up lies about Ian and his relationship to somehow prove something. What was he trying to prove? I have no clue. Ian would always end up telling me the truth anyways. Come on, he’s my boyfriend! Like I’d really believe you over him. On top of the fact that Alec doesn’t have a good track record with me anyways!

Alec made a phone call to Ian before we moved in about how he thought I wasn’t good enough for him. He told Ian that because I mentioned that I had gotten a new $10,000 limit on my credit card that I’d be all about the money. Bitch please.. if I was all about the money I wouldn’t be with Ian to begin with! Ian is nowhere close to someone who has money. He’s living paycheck to paycheck working a part-time while going to school. If I was all about my money I would still be with my ex-boyfriend who definitely had money and spoiled me with it. Anyways.. after all this big talk about how I shouldn’t be throwing such large amounts of money around, Alec goes and does the exact same thing.. ten-fold. Alec would constantly remind us about how he is the favorite son to his father who is a millionaire or something. I thought that was funny because he lives in this dinky little apartment back at home. He made a huge explanation about how he had a house but it was taken from him and what not. If your father loved you so much, I doubt he’d let you live there but whatever. I don’t know their relationship, I’m not going to say more about it. He did continue on about how he helped pay for all the bills in the household with the money his father gave him. Their monthly expenses would be in the thousands and sometimes over ten thousand. This is the guy who gave me shit about a new credit card limit? Someone who’s three person household spends THOUSANDS a month?? Why??

Now, onto the moment we had lived together for a while. Ian is pretty darn smart especially in academics but he really doesn’t apply himself. He does the bare minimum without having to study too much. The subject he seems best at would be math. Seeing as how Ian was one class ahead of Alec in math, Alec took it upon himself to ALWAYS ask Ian for help. This wasn’t a big deal or anything. If you need help you ask for it; didn’t bother me. What did bother me was the fact that he had to lie about it. I was home one day while Ian was still at school. Alec told me all about how he wasn’t asking Ian for math help because he really needed it. He told me it was to help Ian. He said how he saw that Ian wasn’t applying himself and by asking him for help, he’d give Ian an excuse to work on something productive and academic. Um.. can I just say.. WHAT A SH*TLOAD OF BULLCR*P! If you need help, you couldn’t just admit it? Did you really have to come up with a bunch of excuses to make yourself seem like the bigger better person?? We tested my theory out one night when Alec came knocking on the door AGAIN (he did this CONSTANTLY, almost every night or at least every other night.) When he asked for Ian, I lied and told him “Ian is kind of busy right now. He has an assignment due tonight and he’s working on it.” Now.. if it was really about helping Ian be productive and work on school, I’d get an answer similar to “Okay! That’s great. Keep up the work.” or something. Nope. Instead he just walked away. Okay, that’s fine too. Or it would’ve been if he didn’t come back within a minute pounding on the door this time saying, “I need Ian! It won’t take long.” You could see the rise in anger he had about not getting the help he wanted at that very moment. So much for being the good friend looking to help out Ian right? I mean, you can clearly tell he didn’t really need the help. It was all for the good of Ian. -.-

The lies didn’t stop there though, there was another time where he told me all about how he would always go to Ian’s house and they’d do homework together. He bragged about how Ian was never going to actually do homework unless he was there. He told me all about the times that they’d copy off each other’s math homework whenever one or the other didn’t do it. This sounded familiar (I had friends I did this with.) and nice. It would be nice if it wasn’t all a big fat lie. When Ian came home I told him all about my chat with Alec when he asked me how my day was. Ian was appalled by what he heard me say. First he wanted to address that Ian did just fine in school. He wasn’t the best student but he did well enough to pass. Second, he told me that never in all the years that he has known Alec has he had math class with him. I was like huh? What about middle school? High school? Nope. They met when Alec moved from another country to their middle school, and they ever once had math together. Well.. if you’re gonna lie about something, at least make sure they worked with some kind of truth right? Third, Ian’s parents didn’t like Alec. Why? He’d apparently always go over their house and want to play with Ian so that Ian couldn’t really do his homework. (Ian’s parent had a talk with me about this and told me all about how that was just Ian’s personality. If someone he considers a friend wants help, he’d give up his own studies to help him. Ian’s parents told me because he was constantly helping out Alec with his homework, his grades dropped because of it. Alec’s of course went up.) Ian confirmed this story and felt embarrassed about it too. He told about how Alec was failing English (he’s foreign so its not that great) and he helped proofread all his papers and what not and pulled up his grade while his grade suffered and he got dropped down to a D. I can totally believe this story because before moving in, I was trying to be nice and do him a favor and help him proofread his paper. I had read the story before and did my own thesis paper on the subject. That paper was a total mess. It was repetitive in the thesis in totally not a good way. He didn’t address a lot of the points and I ended up cutting his paper quite short deleting useless information. He actually was upset with me when I did this without filling in his paper with something good instead. Wha?? This isn’t my paper.. Giving you my work is plagiarism sir.

I guess I had gotten pretty big hints before he moved in that I would not get along with this guy. I did it for Ian though. Its his friend and I wasn’t going to do anything to ruin a friendship, even if I did disapprove.

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This Girl is Getting Abused..

Now, I’ve told you all about Alice, Alec’s girlfriend. I haven’t told you much though. She is an international student who has come here from Hong Kong. Being foreign, she’s not accustomed to a lot of things here in America. That is a HORRIBLE thing when you have a manipulative, compulsive lying, aggressive boyfriend.

There was a time when I invited all of Ian’s friends over to my place to hang out. That being said, I specifically invited his friends Oliver and Ethan. Alec was in no way contacted or invited by me. Guess who showed up with everyone else though? Alec, of course! And look.. he’s brought Alice as well! Wonderful. Really though, who invites themselves to someone else’s home?? That’s a thing!? Oh, and thanks for the notice to say you were coming too! Well.. he’s here now and I didn’t want to be rude so I couldn’t really kick em out. The moment my father set eyes on Alec, he was SO unhappy. He saw right through the “I pretend to be nice so no one can see how much of a dick I am.” My dad saw how narcissistic he was and noticed how he felt better than everyone else. At that time and place, I didn’t really know and maybe should’ve listened to my dad. Well, we’re all sitting around playing cards and at one point, Alec gets MAD at Alice because she keeps making taunts but never really acts out on them. As a matter of fact, he gets so mad he starts yelling at her and ends up hitting her hand to get the card out of it. Are you for real?? You’re hitting your girlfriend in mu home?? Way to make a first impression (it was his first time and LAST time hopefully ever there.) Everyone else kind of just brushed it off since I guess they’re used to seeing this behavior from him but I was appalled. This was not the way to treat a lady. Alice herself even laughed it off as if it was nothing.

Fast forward into now living with Alec and having seen him interact with Alice occasionally when she’s over. It was a clear sign she was in an abusive relationship. Alec yelled at her calling her stupid and a bitch all the time! Now.. I understand if you’re calling your girlfriend all these things as a joke and it’s a thing that you guys laugh about, but this was clearly not the case. You could see the angry and upset in his eyes when he did these things and she was clearly not seeing what was happening. She was forced to clean up after him and do his bidding. If not, she would be yelled at. This is a girl who comes from a nice household back home where she is used to having someone do these things for her. She doesn’t even know how to cook because that’s what her housekeeper back home was for! After talking to Ian about how I felt about this, we had come to the conclusion this was what was happening: Alice is not used to the way things are in America so when Alec tells her something she’ll believe him. We are thinking that she is just oblivious to what was going on. On top of this, Alec was the first boy who asked her out here and kind of showed her around and befriended her. This made her feel a sort of loyalty to him. To prove this was the case. Alec made her a birthday cake one time (I’ll tell you more about the experience another time) and instead of frosting it normally. He frosted it with just softened butter. She ate this cake and told him how yummy this was. Now, maybe she could just have horrible taste buds that I don’t know about but I sure as hell am not gonna think eating sticks of butter is tasty.

Something that Alice doesn’t know is, even though she holds so much loyalty up to him, he has none to her. Alec has made it very clear to Ian, Ethan, Roger (another friend I’ll talk more about later), and Oliver, that when he breaks up with Alice, he does not want any of them to remain friends with her. What right do you have to tell other people who they can and cannot be friends with? The audacity of this guy.. As you know by now, Alice is an international student so she is what he considers a “FOB.” Alec HATES FOBs, (even though he is one technically as well! Stupid right?) and swears he would never date one. Well.. your girlfriend apparently fits under this category so uhh.. what?? Also, Alice has asked him numerous times to meet her parents and was so excited for her graduation because her mom would come and those two could meet. Alec had absolutely no intentions of this. He told the guys that he didn’t want to meet her parents because that would mean the relationship was serious and he didn’t want it to be. You are with this woman for 3+ years, she worships you, and you lie to her and treat her like dirt. I’m confused as to why this is a thing. I’m beyond confused, really.

I felt bad for this girl yes but it was not my place to speak up because I barely knew her. Hell, I barely knew him. Currently she is back in Hong Kong after finishing getting her degree from one of the top ranked schools in our state. (How can she really be stupid if she went to a far better school than we did.) I’m not glad Alec is still near me but at least he’s away from her.

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Two Filters are Better Than One

While moving into the new apartment, I figured a source of clean drinking water was going to be a definitely must. I had a pitcher that filtered the water (a different brand than Brita) that worked just fine and I had plenty of filters to go with it. Alec decided that this just wasn’t convenient enough. He told us he wanted to get something that stuck onto the faucet of our kitchen sink and filtered out the water for us. I didn’t really understand what it was but he had stated that he previously owned one and it worked for him. That was fine. It was his money.

After bringing this contraption home, it just got in the way all the time. The apartment’s faucets were quite low for the sink and the thing he stuck on was bulky and huge. Every time you wanted to wash a pot of any sort, you would literally need the sink to be empty. Of course, the sink WASN’T empty though because he’d always have dishes around. It was actually ridiculous how many dishes he had for a person living by himself. Anyways, I would make it a point to let him know that but he kept insisting this was better than the filter process that I had going. Fine. I didn’t want to argue because maybe he’s right. It was more convenient to flip a little button on the faucet compared to refilling a pitcher where the water had to take time to filter.

When this filter thing of his finally started blinking a red color. He came out and actually took apart the thing and said it needed replacing. When I finally got a look at how it actually worked. I was PISSED. It used the exact same filters that my pitcher used. All this nonsense about how his filters better and what not and it turned out to be the same?! It was just ridiculous. He was just being lazy as always! This thing not only cost 3 times as much as the pitcher I had, but it got in the way of doing dishes all the time! I really wouldn’t have been mad at all if he didn’t make it such a big deal about how his purchase was so much better than mine. Now that he’s moved out, that horrible thing is off my faucet and doing dishes has never been less stressful.

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Sesame Oil is the New Water

Ian and I signed a one year lease with this guy right? Well, in the entire term of that lease, he never bought any cooking ingredients for himself. This meant like, oil, seasonings, soy sauce, condiments, etc. He did buy one or two containers of replacement salt when we ran out though. I wouldn’t want to not give him credit where its due. Well, I love cooking and baking so I try to keep a lot of stuff on hand in case I have a spur of the moment “I want to make something” mood. This is a completely new area than I am used to because prices for items are different and supply as well. Back at home with my parents, the stuff I usually use is much more accessible and most of the time cheaper. For example, a bottle of the same brand sesame oil will go for $3-$4 back home and is a whopping $7 where we had moved to. It isn’t a huge bottle or anything either. Its a glass 11 fl oz bottle.

Alec has always been on some weird health craze since moving in because of his “special” diet. As time went on he was buying his own brown eggs because apparently the brown ones are better. (Research shows they have the same nutritional benefits.) He bought wheat bread while I continued to stick to my beloved white. After a while, he decided that olive oil wasn’t healthy enough either. Sesame oil was better. Now, I think olive oil is just fine for cooking purposes so I purchase the Costco sized bottles to use so I don’t have to run to the store as often. This of course is WAY bigger than my small sesame oil bottle that I use more as an ingredient than a cooking oil. Alec begins to use up my sesame oil like there is no tomorrow. There came a point where I was just confused as to why I kept buying a new bottle every 6 weeks or so and Ian had a talk with Alec about this. He admitted that he was using the oil more often because he was cooking with it but STRONGLY denied that he was using up as much as I claimed.

Now, before Alec moved in, I was basically living by myself with Ian visiting quite often. I had bought a single bottle of sesame oil for that year and ended up moving to the new apartment with more than half that bottle left. I first asked Ian if he was using it more often too and he told me he flavors some stuff with it but not enough to continuously use up a whole 11 oz bottle. Now, unless we have a ghost or a thief that only uses up sesame oil and leaves, I’m going to put my bet on the roommate. He continuously denies using it up throughout the period of living together even when its found opened on his side of the kitchen. It was just ridiculous. Now, I would not give a single damn if he was using it up if he had helped pay for any of it but no. He denies it so that he doesn’t have to. What is the deal with that? After the entire year of living with him I counted 5 receipts for new bottles of sesame oil. It was like he was just chugging that stuff down. You’ll understand what I mean when I tell you that he doesn’t home-cook his meals often. He spends most weekends with Alice so he’s not home and on nights when he has class til late, he buys takeout. So if you think about it and do the math. Where is all this oil going?! As Ian says, just because sesame oil is healthier, doesn’t mean you go and use more of it. Defeats the purpose no? Its still oil in the end.

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I Wonder Where The Dog Gets It From

Okay, I have to make this clear. I love animals. I play with any dog I see any chance I get. I have two rabbits of my own and my roommate currently has two snakes. I love the zoo and the aquarium. In the future I want to be able to afford all the pets I want including a shark, a snake, a hamster, at least 3 dogs, more rabbits, and the list goes on. So TLDR, I’m a total animal lover. That being said, there is something about my total hatred for Alec that has transferred onto his dog as well. Let me tell you, when I was first told Barker would be moving into the apartment I was BEYOND excited. There was going to be a dog I could play with that I didn’t have to pay the pet rent for! I totally regret this feeling after going through living with them.

1. Barker is just a needy needy dog.
Barker is just so needy. All day and night you hear him whimpering because there isn’t anyone near him or playing with him. He literally has to feel human contact or else he will not be happy. Keep in mind, we’re all full-time college students who want to do well, so having a constant whimpering sound in the house will definitely get on your nerves as time goes on. Alec on the other hand was supposedly training him to be more independent.

2. This dog can shed. 23721d1403652175-new-dog-beagle-mix-sam_5973a
Barker is in no way a long haired dog. This picture I found online is as closely I can find of the kind of dog he is. That being said, I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that Alec does not vacuum. I vacuum the common areas and my own room often because my rabbits have a period where they shed as well. Alec not only does not aid in the vacuuming, he doesn’t even do his own room. This is where Barker is most often because he sleeps there.. If I vacuum somewhere and you don’t, you’re just stepping on his dog hairs and tracking them back into the places I’ve already cleaned!! It totally defeats the purpose!

3. Barker spends more time with Ian and I than Alec.
Remember Alice? Alec’s girlfriend? Well she goes to a different school about an hour away. Alec goes to stay with her during weekends or breaks. Totally normal. He doesn’t take Barker. That’s fine as well. What is NOT fine is messaging us HOURS after you’ve left the apartment at 12-1 AM (usually), and telling us you won’t be home this weekend so we have to watch Barker. WHAT!? What if we had plans? We can’t just leave Barker alone! A dog needs to be walked and fed. Why get a pet if you don’t provide him with his needs? Alec basically took us as free dog sitters who had nothing better to do with our lives. It’s understanding if you forgot to let us know. That’s not what happened though. It’s understanding if it was a last minute trip. That’s not what happened though. It’s understanding if you ask us ahead of time. That’s not what happened though!! This happened on COUNTLESS occasions and it was never a schedule or anything. Sometimes he leaves Thursday nights. Sometimes he doesn’t leave at all. Sometimes it’ll be Sunday morning. It’s just unacceptable to take advantage of a friend (Ian, NOT me. I would’ve told him off so long ago if he was my friend.) who is nice enough to do these things.

4. No human food for you.
Alec had made it super clear to us that he forbade us to feed Barker any human food. He wanted him on a strict diet to gain more muscle because he was too skinny and underweight as his vet announced. That being said, he allowed us to give him fresh vegetables sometimes. This was different when Alice was over. She would feed him her meat straps! I don’t know about you guys but strict to me seems to be differently defined in Alec’s mind.

5. He hates his food!
Barker HATES his food. He refuses to eat it. You could pour him a bowl of food one morning and the next morning it will have been untouched. Alec could care less though because the vet recommended it for him so even if his dog hates it, he won’t change it. (Doesn’t it defeat the purpose to strengthen your dog if he won’t eat anyways??) Seeing as we’re forced to feed him when Alec is gone, it’s just frustrating. This is not my pet but I don’t want it to starve to death.. It’s a waste of time for us trying to get him to eat though. We aren’t paid to do this so we clearly have better things to do. Alec also made it a rule that we were never allowed to stay with him as he ate because he needed to learn independence of course. Rules? BROKEN. Alec and Alice sit with him all the time to make sure he eats (which is one of the only times he’ll eat actually.) So why is it that rules only apply to some people but not all?

6. Barker is NOT allowed on the furniture.
Alec told us several times that he was glad that he had trained Barker by himself. He told us he was able to train Barker to stay off his bed. Little did he know that every time I looked in when the door was open, Barker was on the bed.. Nice training you did there. Barker is also not allowed on the couch that we all pitched in to buy. Alec told us that when we’re on the couch he didn’t want us allowing Barker to sit with us. That’s fine. I get that rule. Lots of pet households have it. What’s not cool? The fact that when Alice and Alec sit on the couch they call for Barker to cuddle with them. Again with the double standard, really? To answer my earlier question about why rules only apply to some and not others, its because the Almighty Alec had spoken. What he said had to be so but rules don’t apply to him. Simple as that.

7. Forbidden to be with the rabbits.
I’ll start off by saying that this is a rule that Alec had come up with, not I. Barker averages about 20 lbs while each of my two dwarf rabbits average a weight of 2 lbs each. Barker goes around chasing my poor rabbits and I don’t say a thing. Alec on the other hand says that Barker can’t be with the rabbits because my rabbits sometimes leave a few stray poops around and Barker ends up eating it and he doesn’t like that. For one thing, if you fed your dog properly he wouldn’t be doing that. For another, if a giant creature 10 times your size is chasing you, of course you’ll end up shitting yourself sometimes! His dog is allowed around the apartment at any given moment but when a single rabbit’s paw reached past the threshold of our room, Alec makes it clear to us by going “HEY! Your rabbits out!” and expecting us to coop them back up in our room.

8. Our neighborhood is dangerous.
Despite my misleading title.. we live in a supervised gated apartment community. We have automatic gates for residents and security patrol as well on-site security guard(s). The neighbors are super friendly and diverse and we just love living here! Why is that Alec would think the neighborhood is dangerous? Alec is racist. Not only is he racist, his dog is as well. Whenever someone with a darker skin tone (doesn’t even matter what actual race), he’ll start getting uncomfortable, growling, and/or barking. Alec went bowling across the street once and made a comment about how he’d never go back because a lot of African Americans attend that bowling alley. Besides all that though, Barker got injured. Our community includes a dog park behind the pools and while walking Barker once, an African American man’s larger dog attacked Barker and bit his neck. There was some blood loss but nothing serious. I was totally hurt seeing Barker like that but I in no way was going to blame an entire community for one incident. After that, Alec refused to bring Barker back to the dog park. He said that it was dangerous, dirty because everyone in the community’s dogs went there, and Barker was scared to go back after getting hurt. Ian and I found this to be total B.S. We had noticed signs of Alec being too lazy to take care of Barker before this incident and we just feel like it gave him an excuse to use. The dog park is about a few minutes walk from our apartment so Alec began letting Barker do his business across the parking lot on the landscape where the front office forbids us to let dogs go on. They pay good money to keep the grass, bushes, flowers, and trees nice because this is a high-end apartment complex. I can see why pets aren’t allowed there but it was convenient for Alec so he did it anyways. It was a clear sign even that wasn’t lazy enough for him because if Barker wouldn’t finish his business within a few minutes (he didn’t keep a consistent schedule or anything and just took him out when it was convenient for him), he would yell at him and drag him back upstairs without letting him do it all. (No wonder he pees INSIDE the apartment.) Despite Alec’s rule, when Ian and I watched Barker, we made time to walk him to the dog park and let him play for more than just 5 minutes. He wasn’t scared at all to go back and did his business quite quickly there. Whenever dogs came while he was there, no matter if they were big or small, he would happily play with them. It seemed more like Ian and I were Barker’s owners, not Alec. If you aren’t going to make time for a pet, why get one at all?

9. This dog is in no way potty trained.
Alec made it clear before we moved in and numerous times afterwards that Barker was potty trained. Ian and I kept a bottle of Nature’s Miracle spray handy in case of accidents from our rabbits but they were potty trained to their litter box so we weren’t really using it. This bottle was practically brand new when we had it and after living with Barker we not only used up that bottle but had to buy a whole new bottle of a larger size too! This stuff is not cheap and of course Alec borrowed it nonstop anyways. There is definitely way more pee on this apartment’s carpet from Barker than our rabbits and yet our rabbits were the ones always in trouble for accidents. Alec would make a big deal if one of our rabbits stray poops were to be found anywhere in the apartment when these are literally smaller than a cocoa puff.Yet his dog was constantly peeing when he wasn’t supposed to! These accidents weren’t just pee too. Barker got really excited running around the apartment one time and he just stopped in the hallway in front of Alec’s room and decided to start pooping. Alec wasn’t home of course so Ian had to deal with the mess. Does this in any way sound like a potty trained dog?! While on the other hand my rabbits never once peed outside their litter box.

You see that tiny little dot on the ground? That’s one piece of their poop..

10. His stuff is EVERYWHERE.
Remember the initial move-in post when Alec asks if Barker could have his own cabinet? Yep. He got one. One that stayed basically empty the whole time he was living here. We gave him a nice sized cabinet that would’ve clearly fit most if not all of Barker’s things but of course when you open it you only find a few bags of treats inside and his dog dish. (I remember when our current roommate was first being shown around the apartment and she opened what was soon going to be her own cabinet and laughed because she didn’t understand why someone would make it a point to demand something and then not use it.)Instead, you would find that all of Barker’s stuff would be along the wall of our dining area just messily tossed around. His toys would be anywhere in the house depending on where he last left it and his leash would be found either on the floor, on the couch that we all share, or on MY bar stool that I brought during the move.

The large cabinet you see in the picture is marked for Barker but as you can see, all his stuff is NOT inside at all. The drawer above that is Alec’s but that is also empty as well! HA! (The microwave is the only thing that is mine in this picture besides the dining room chairs (Ian’s) that we allow him to use as well.

It’ll also be a mystery to me why someone would get a pet they don’t really care about. So, I’ve noticed that this post is quite long and its only about his dog. I wonder how many more posts before I’m ever done ranting about the horrible owner.

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1 Month Later…..

Okay. Its been a month. After a month I think its adequate enough time to get settled and you have bought everything for your new long term home. That was the case for Ian and I but for Alec, NOPE! He was still borrowing things left and right but by now he’s stopped being so friendly about it. He has stopped asking before taking our things and he’s definitely not cleaning them or returning them to where they once belonged.

I admit there is something that he did share with us that we all could have access to. The utensils (kinda). He had a utensil organizer that he had brought with him and when we moved in he said that we were allowed to organize our utensils in there along with his (he had maybe 1-2 of each item [spoon, fork, chopsticks] I don’t really recall. It could’ve been less.) He offered because then we could all just use the utensils. Now, I had bought an entire set with me when I moved which included 4 forks, 4 knives, 4 spoons, and 2 pairs of chopsticks. I remember mine so clearly because it was a new set I had bought. Ian offered to add in his utensils as well which included 2-3 spoons, 1-2 forks, and about 4-6 sets of chopsticks. This was all kept together but we all used it and knew which belong to who (different designs and all). He has started to use our utensils more and more which again, we agreed so it wasn’t a big deal BUT he would leave them in the sink with his dishes and not clean them. How are other people supposed to use things if you don’t clean them right?! He had said that he would do his own dishes so its like just a nice common courtesy thing that when you start using other people’s things you clean them so they have a chance to use them as well.

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After a While…..

So its been a while since I’ve been living with Alec and Ian and to continue off from what I last told everyone, he still hasn’t cleaned a damn thing. His bathroom is looking worst than ever and I’m just so fed up and sick of his shit.

We all know that Alec has a girlfriend, Alice. She goes to a different school than us and lives about an hour or two away. Whenever Alec leaves on these trips to stay with her, he doesn’t take Barker. We are left with a super needy, shedding dog that is so not trained (Alec brags about how well-trained his dog is a LOT.) Not only is there an extra pet that we did not sign up for because we have two of our own, but he leaves behind dishes and trash and messes to clean up. If you know you’re leaving for a weekend or something, do your dishes. Like really.. I myself admit that I’m not the type of person to always do dishes right away but if I know I’m going to be out, I don’t want it left there building up. It’s just not sanitary.

Just a little random thing that just added to my gross list: his nose trimmer. I repeat, he is Ian’s long time friend and not mine so I really don’t want to know anything personally about this guy. I’ll play nice but there are some things you need to keep to yourself. He came up to us and asked us to borrow a battery, cool. Nothing strange and no unnecessary details disclosed. Then he opens his big mouth and says, yeah I’ll give it right back to you, its just to use my nose trimmer real quick. Ugh, really. TMI. I don’t know you. Why did this surprise me though? This is coming from the guy that a few months into dating Ian, told me he would pull down his pants so I could see the size of his p*nis while drunk. This guy is just a hot mess.

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2 Months in and I’m in Hell!!

First, I’m going to start off by saying I get that boys are messy. If I live with boys its expected. There is a fine line between messy and just gross. I’m a really clean person and I admit I’m obsessive about it. Others do not have to be like me but please have the decency for some form of hygiene.

Carrying on….. it has been a while since we’ve moved into the apartment and I like to clean about once a week maybe once every two if school gets busy. I vacuum, clean my restroom completely, clean the stove and oven, clean out the fridge, wipe down everything for dust, etc. Our apartment is only 900 sq ft so its not huge and I can get everything done in a couple of hours. You would think that because the kitchen, dining room, and living room are common areas a person would learn to keep it clean as a courtesy. NOPE! Not Alec. Absolutely dreadful. Not once did he help clean but he added to the messes. He would use the salt that I pay for (that he doesn’t pay back by the way) and leave it open sitting on the counter. I would end up finding soy sauce (also mine since he hasn’t bought ANY kitchen stuff STILL) open on the STOVE. Who does that?? Oh and then sometimes the stove will be left ON. WHAT!? Fire hazard much!? Guess who’s paying for and is the only person on the rental insurance. ME.

Now.. not only does he not clean the common areas, not even his own room or restroom. Remember Barker? His dog. He sheds so much.. Nope, not a long hair dog but he just sheds like there is no tomorrow. Hence we bought a pet vacuum. Not once has he use this vacuum on his own room. His dog sleeps in there, HE sleeps in there, he “sleeps” (more than one meaning there) with his girlfriend in there. That is just downright wrong.

Its not his room that is the grossiest mess of them all though. The restroom. Let me tell you now that Alec is lactose intolerant but he does in fact eat dairy anyways. On top of this, he told us about what he describes as “fiery poops.” He let us know in gross details that when he eats spicy his body does not handle it as well resulting in so-called “fiery poops.” Now, you can imagine that its been months and he has yet to buy any type of restroom cleaning supplies, what his bathroom and especially his toilet look like. After a while, as you walk by, it definitely emits some kind of smell. God the smell.. no one should have to know what its like to smell the result of the roommates bad reaction to dairy and spicy food.

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After Maybe A Week?

So it had been a while since we’ve moved in together with Alec and it was okay for the most part. This is after I knew he didn’t even like me very much to begin with. (There’s this whole story about how he called Ian to complain about me that I’ll tell another time I guess.) Anyways.. during the last post I’ve already explained to everyone that Alec basically had nothing when we moved in. This wasn’t really an issue because he just told us he needed time to get everything. He let us know so it was okay. He borrowed detergent and dryer sheets for washing and drying his clothes. This was fine like I said, we’ve only been here maybe a week or so so if he didn’t have this stuff it was understandable. He told us yeah it was just until he got his own. Okay.

He borrowed other stuff too like detergent for his dishes, our blender or drink mixer for his protein shakes, batteries for his nose trimmer, etc. After borrowing our stuff for a while he had the audacity to say that we had too much stuff. He actually complained about that. That’s funny because he owns nothing yet starts continuously borrowing ours. How is it right that you complain that we have too much stuff?! I just let it slide, didn’t want to make it a big deal.

He did keep up his word about being independent. (yeah right -.-) He never asked us to help him clean, he kept to himself in his room most of the time, and he kept himself fed. All that he was totally dependent on us for at this point was just our stuff. This was cool. I made a point to tell him that if he needed stuff like pots, pans, blenders, and stuff he could just borrow as long as he cleaned it and put it back where he got it. He did this so all was good. Then again, this was only a week in and things can really change from there.

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The Official Move-In

Sorry for the long wait for this post but I’ve been super busy!! Hope you guys all understand. (:

I moved in a day before Ian and Alec just to get settled in and unpack all the huge boxes of stuff I had. I had most of my things unpacked before they arrived so it was all their stuff when they arrived. We basically had no furniture moving in. I had my mattress in my room that Ian and I were going to share and all my stuff put into the restroom. Alec told me not to worry about him and his stuff so I decided to take half the cabinets for Ian and myself and the other half I would leave for him. I labeled all the cabinets so there wouldn’t be any confusion. The first thing Alec asked was if he could have a whole cabinet for his dog, Barker. We said yeah sure just take one of your own.

After unpacking what we already owned we still needed furniture and what not so it was off to IKEA for us. We intended to split the cost of a couch for the living room and everything else was just whatever the individuals wanted. Ian and I needed a TV stand for the 49″ television we got on sale which was going to be for all of us but Alec decided he wanted his own. He didn’t want to share a television in the living room, he wanted to use it freely whenever he wanted and keep it in his room. It was whatever with us. We weren’t going to move our television to the room though, we had pet rabbits that took up that space. Alec wanted a mattress, bedframe, pots, pans, etc. He basically had nothing. I had previously lived nearby so the move was simpler for me this time. I had bought everything I needed to live by myself in the simplest manner. Moving in with Ian was just a tad different because we needed desks, more bowls, utensils, and other small things like that. It didn’t seem like Alec had anything when he moved in.

Anyways, that first night they were assembling furniture and doing their manly jobs when I thought it was time to cook dinner. I started cooking when I asked Alec if he wanted anything specific. He pointed out that he told Ian to tell me to never worry about his meals because he was on a special diet. He said he would always be cooking for himself and taking care of his own meals. Okay, less things for me to do. At this point he has made it a point several times to say that he was going to be independent and we didn’t need to care about his eating, cleaning, or anything. Gotta remember, HE said all of this himself. Boy do things change into a different tone later.

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