Before The Move-In

Before moving in with someone there’s usually some conversations you have with some ground rules and how things are going to work out. Well, those were definitely established. Too bad they all go down the drain after moving in. Anyways, let’s catch you guys up on some of the things that happened.

Ian- my boyfriend
Alec- our soon to be roommate and Ian’s friend
Alice- Alec’s girlfriend

Ian and I were already living together and getting ready to go to university together in a few months. Everything was swell and things were planned out between us. One of his friends then decides to come along and tell me about this pact he made with my boyfriend when they younger. He states that if they were ever to go to the same school again, they would live together. Well, that’s all fine and dandy but we already had plans without Alec. He insists on this pact and it was then decided that since we all attend the same school we could just all live together. That’s fine too. I decide to look into bigger and better apartments because the one I was currently living in wasn’t so glamorous. With the extra cash coming in I thought we could get a nicer place in a nicer community. It was settled that when Alec was coming up for orientation, we could check out the places we narrowed down.

As time went on more and more rules were established. Ian and I would get our own room and restroom and he would as well. His girlfriend, Alice, would come over and stay as a guest sometimes on weekends since she went to school only 2 hours away. I expressed the fact that I don’t really know him and I wouldn’t know how things would work out. Alec assures me that it’s fine because we’re all just living together to save on rent and for convenience. He claims that we probably won’t hang out and be best friends or anything and we could all just stay in our rooms and stuff. That sounded fine to me! (Keep this in mind for later because most of the issues I’ll have with Alec will be because he doesn’t mean anything he says). I told him that I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning his toilets as well right? He’s like no, just mind your own stuff. Sounds all fine and dandy now until you’ve lived with him.. >.>

Then comes the time where we must discuss the actual living arrangements. After a few complications we found a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with decent rent in a nice neighborhood. My usual way of living for school was that I would rent for a 9 month lease so that I would be able to go home during the summer and not pay the extra rent. (School is about a 6 hour drive away from our homes). During the summer I would leave my belongings in my relative’s care because they lived nearby. Alec showed a strong dislike to this plan, he insisted we get a full year lease because he didn’t want to move around every time he was to come back for school. Eventually we let him have his way and agreed to this. After he saw the apartment he stood by his decisions as well. He fell in love with it at first sight and said he would rent it for as long as he could. His girlfriend even offered to pay part of the rent if she could stay there they were so in love. It was then settled and the move in process was going to begin soon. That’s where the bigger issues will soon come in as well..

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Based Off a True Story

Hey everyone! I’ve started this blog page because I really really need to just rant out all my frustrations in writing haha. I know I know, everyone does that but the main topic for this blog page will mostly be about literally the worst person I know. All of the events will be not just based off a true story it is basically the entire side of mine. All the names will be changed, just because I’m not cruel enough to let out their identity. Feel free to let me know if any of this has ever happened to you and someone you’ve known or just let me know your feelings on the person. Maybe I’m just completely wrong in judging him and I’m just plain crazy haha. Keep in mind, this is only my side of the story so who knows.. Thanks for reading guys and I’ll post whenever I’m free! (:

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