The Official Move-In

Sorry for the long wait for this post but I’ve been super busy!! Hope you guys all understand. (:

I moved in a day before Ian and Alec just to get settled in and unpack all the huge boxes of stuff I had. I had most of my things unpacked before they arrived so it was all their stuff when they arrived. We basically had no furniture moving in. I had my mattress in my room that Ian and I were going to share and all my stuff put into the restroom. Alec told me not to worry about him and his stuff so I decided to take half the cabinets for Ian and myself and the other half I would leave for him. I labeled all the cabinets so there wouldn’t be any confusion. The first thing Alec asked was if he could have a whole cabinet for his dog, Barker. We said yeah sure just take one of your own.

After unpacking what we already owned we still needed furniture and what not so it was off to IKEA for us. We intended to split the cost of a couch for the living room and everything else was just whatever the individuals wanted. Ian and I needed a TV stand for the 49″ television we got on sale which was going to be for all of us but Alec decided he wanted his own. He didn’t want to share a television in the living room, he wanted to use it freely whenever he wanted and keep it in his room. It was whatever with us. We weren’t going to move our television to the room though, we had pet rabbits that took up that space. Alec wanted a mattress, bedframe, pots, pans, etc. He basically had nothing. I had previously lived nearby so the move was simpler for me this time. I had bought everything I needed to live by myself in the simplest manner. Moving in with Ian was just a tad different because we needed desks, more bowls, utensils, and other small things like that. It didn’t seem like Alec had anything when he moved in.

Anyways, that first night they were assembling furniture and doing their manly jobs when I thought it was time to cook dinner. I started cooking when I asked Alec if he wanted anything specific. He pointed out that he told Ian to tell me to never worry about his meals because he was on a special diet. He said he would always be cooking for himself and taking care of his own meals. Okay, less things for me to do. At this point he has made it a point several times to say that he was going to be independent and we didn’t need to care about his eating, cleaning, or anything. Gotta remember, HE said all of this himself. Boy do things change into a different tone later.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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