After a While…..

So its been a while since I’ve been living with Alec and Ian and to continue off from what I last told everyone, he still hasn’t cleaned a damn thing. His bathroom is looking worst than ever and I’m just so fed up and sick of his shit.

We all know that Alec has a girlfriend, Alice. She goes to a different school than us and lives about an hour or two away. Whenever Alec leaves on these trips to stay with her, he doesn’t take Barker. We are left with a super needy, shedding dog that is so not trained (Alec brags about how well-trained his dog is a LOT.) Not only is there an extra pet that we did not sign up for because we have two of our own, but he leaves behind dishes and trash and messes to clean up. If you know you’re leaving for a weekend or something, do your dishes. Like really.. I myself admit that I’m not the type of person to always do dishes right away but if I know I’m going to be out, I don’t want it left there building up. It’s just not sanitary.

Just a little random thing that just added to my gross list: his nose trimmer. I repeat, he is Ian’s long time friend and not mine so I really don’t want to know anything personally about this guy. I’ll play nice but there are some things you need to keep to yourself. He came up to us and asked us to borrow a battery, cool. Nothing strange and no unnecessary details disclosed. Then he opens his big mouth and says, yeah I’ll give it right back to you, its just to use my nose trimmer real quick. Ugh, really. TMI. I don’t know you. Why did this surprise me though? This is coming from the guy that a few months into dating Ian, told me he would pull down his pants so I could see the size of his p*nis while drunk. This guy is just a hot mess.

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2 Months in and I’m in Hell!!

First, I’m going to start off by saying I get that boys are messy. If I live with boys its expected. There is a fine line between messy and just gross. I’m a really clean person and I admit I’m obsessive about it. Others do not have to be like me but please have the decency for some form of hygiene.

Carrying on….. it has been a while since we’ve moved into the apartment and I like to clean about once a week maybe once every two if school gets busy. I vacuum, clean my restroom completely, clean the stove and oven, clean out the fridge, wipe down everything for dust, etc. Our apartment is only 900 sq ft so its not huge and I can get everything done in a couple of hours. You would think that because the kitchen, dining room, and living room are common areas a person would learn to keep it clean as a courtesy. NOPE! Not Alec. Absolutely dreadful. Not once did he help clean but he added to the messes. He would use the salt that I pay for (that he doesn’t pay back by the way) and leave it open sitting on the counter. I would end up finding soy sauce (also mine since he hasn’t bought ANY kitchen stuff STILL) open on the STOVE. Who does that?? Oh and then sometimes the stove will be left ON. WHAT!? Fire hazard much!? Guess who’s paying for and is the only person on the rental insurance. ME.

Now.. not only does he not clean the common areas, not even his own room or restroom. Remember Barker? His dog. He sheds so much.. Nope, not a long hair dog but he just sheds like there is no tomorrow. Hence we bought a pet vacuum. Not once has he use this vacuum on his own room. His dog sleeps in there, HE sleeps in there, he “sleeps” (more than one meaning there) with his girlfriend in there. That is just downright wrong.

Its not his room that is the grossiest mess of them all though. The restroom. Let me tell you now that Alec is lactose intolerant but he does in fact eat dairy anyways. On top of this, he told us about what he describes as “fiery poops.” He let us know in gross details that when he eats spicy his body does not handle it as well resulting in so-called “fiery poops.” Now, you can imagine that its been months and he has yet to buy any type of restroom cleaning supplies, what his bathroom and especially his toilet look like. After a while, as you walk by, it definitely emits some kind of smell. God the smell.. no one should have to know what its like to smell the result of the roommates bad reaction to dairy and spicy food.

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After Maybe A Week?

So it had been a while since we’ve moved in together with Alec and it was okay for the most part. This is after I knew he didn’t even like me very much to begin with. (There’s this whole story about how he called Ian to complain about me that I’ll tell another time I guess.) Anyways.. during the last post I’ve already explained to everyone that Alec basically had nothing when we moved in. This wasn’t really an issue because he just told us he needed time to get everything. He let us know so it was okay. He borrowed detergent and dryer sheets for washing and drying his clothes. This was fine like I said, we’ve only been here maybe a week or so so if he didn’t have this stuff it was understandable. He told us yeah it was just until he got his own. Okay.

He borrowed other stuff too like detergent for his dishes, our blender or drink mixer for his protein shakes, batteries for his nose trimmer, etc. After borrowing our stuff for a while he had the audacity to say that we had too much stuff. He actually complained about that. That’s funny because he owns nothing yet starts continuously borrowing ours. How is it right that you complain that we have too much stuff?! I just let it slide, didn’t want to make it a big deal.

He did keep up his word about being independent. (yeah right -.-) He never asked us to help him clean, he kept to himself in his room most of the time, and he kept himself fed. All that he was totally dependent on us for at this point was just our stuff. This was cool. I made a point to tell him that if he needed stuff like pots, pans, blenders, and stuff he could just borrow as long as he cleaned it and put it back where he got it. He did this so all was good. Then again, this was only a week in and things can really change from there.

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