1 Month Later…..

Okay. Its been a month. After a month I think its adequate enough time to get settled and you have bought everything for your new long term home. That was the case for Ian and I but for Alec, NOPE! He was still borrowing things left and right but by now he’s stopped being so friendly about it. He has stopped asking before taking our things and he’s definitely not cleaning them or returning them to where they once belonged.

I admit there is something that he did share with us that we all could have access to. The utensils (kinda). He had a utensil organizer that he had brought with him and when we moved in he said that we were allowed to organize our utensils in there along with his (he had maybe 1-2 of each item [spoon, fork, chopsticks] I don’t really recall. It could’ve been less.) He offered because then we could all just use the utensils. Now, I had bought an entire set with me when I moved which included 4 forks, 4 knives, 4 spoons, and 2 pairs of chopsticks. I remember mine so clearly because it was a new set I had bought. Ian offered to add in his utensils as well which included 2-3 spoons, 1-2 forks, and about 4-6 sets of chopsticks. This was all kept together but we all used it and knew which belong to who (different designs and all). He has started to use our utensils more and more which again, we agreed so it wasn’t a big deal BUT he would leave them in the sink with his dishes and not clean them. How are other people supposed to use things if you don’t clean them right?! He had said that he would do his own dishes so its like just a nice common courtesy thing that when you start using other people’s things you clean them so they have a chance to use them as well.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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