I Wonder Where The Dog Gets It From

Okay, I have to make this clear. I love animals. I play with any dog I see any chance I get. I have two rabbits of my own and my roommate currently has two snakes. I love the zoo and the aquarium. In the future I want to be able to afford all the pets I want including a shark, a snake, a hamster, at least 3 dogs, more rabbits, and the list goes on. So TLDR, I’m a total animal lover. That being said, there is something about my total hatred for Alec that has transferred onto his dog as well. Let me tell you, when I was first told Barker would be moving into the apartment I was BEYOND excited. There was going to be a dog I could play with that I didn’t have to pay the pet rent for! I totally regret this feeling after going through living with them.

1. Barker is just a needy needy dog.
Barker is just so needy. All day and night you hear him whimpering because there isn’t anyone near him or playing with him. He literally has to feel human contact or else he will not be happy. Keep in mind, we’re all full-time college students who want to do well, so having a constant whimpering sound in the house will definitely get on your nerves as time goes on. Alec on the other hand was supposedly training him to be more independent.

2. This dog can shed. 23721d1403652175-new-dog-beagle-mix-sam_5973a
Barker is in no way a long haired dog. This picture I found online is as closely I can find of the kind of dog he is. That being said, I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that Alec does not vacuum. I vacuum the common areas and my own room often because my rabbits have a period where they shed as well. Alec not only does not aid in the vacuuming, he doesn’t even do his own room. This is where Barker is most often because he sleeps there.. If I vacuum somewhere and you don’t, you’re just stepping on his dog hairs and tracking them back into the places I’ve already cleaned!! It totally defeats the purpose!

3. Barker spends more time with Ian and I than Alec.
Remember Alice? Alec’s girlfriend? Well she goes to a different school about an hour away. Alec goes to stay with her during weekends or breaks. Totally normal. He doesn’t take Barker. That’s fine as well. What is NOT fine is messaging us HOURS after you’ve left the apartment at 12-1 AM (usually), and telling us you won’t be home this weekend so we have to watch Barker. WHAT!? What if we had plans? We can’t just leave Barker alone! A dog needs to be walked and fed. Why get a pet if you don’t provide him with his needs? Alec basically took us as free dog sitters who had nothing better to do with our lives. It’s understanding if you forgot to let us know. That’s not what happened though. It’s understanding if it was a last minute trip. That’s not what happened though. It’s understanding if you ask us ahead of time. That’s not what happened though!! This happened on COUNTLESS occasions and it was never a schedule or anything. Sometimes he leaves Thursday nights. Sometimes he doesn’t leave at all. Sometimes it’ll be Sunday morning. It’s just unacceptable to take advantage of a friend (Ian, NOT me. I would’ve told him off so long ago if he was my friend.) who is nice enough to do these things.

4. No human food for you.
Alec had made it super clear to us that he forbade us to feed Barker any human food. He wanted him on a strict diet to gain more muscle because he was too skinny and underweight as his vet announced. That being said, he allowed us to give him fresh vegetables sometimes. This was different when Alice was over. She would feed him her meat straps! I don’t know about you guys but strict to me seems to be differently defined in Alec’s mind.

5. He hates his food!
Barker HATES his food. He refuses to eat it. You could pour him a bowl of food one morning and the next morning it will have been untouched. Alec could care less though because the vet recommended it for him so even if his dog hates it, he won’t change it. (Doesn’t it defeat the purpose to strengthen your dog if he won’t eat anyways??) Seeing as we’re forced to feed him when Alec is gone, it’s just frustrating. This is not my pet but I don’t want it to starve to death.. It’s a waste of time for us trying to get him to eat though. We aren’t paid to do this so we clearly have better things to do. Alec also made it a rule that we were never allowed to stay with him as he ate because he needed to learn independence of course. Rules? BROKEN. Alec and Alice sit with him all the time to make sure he eats (which is one of the only times he’ll eat actually.) So why is it that rules only apply to some people but not all?

6. Barker is NOT allowed on the furniture.
Alec told us several times that he was glad that he had trained Barker by himself. He told us he was able to train Barker to stay off his bed. Little did he know that every time I looked in when the door was open, Barker was on the bed.. Nice training you did there. Barker is also not allowed on the couch that we all pitched in to buy. Alec told us that when we’re on the couch he didn’t want us allowing Barker to sit with us. That’s fine. I get that rule. Lots of pet households have it. What’s not cool? The fact that when Alice and Alec sit on the couch they call for Barker to cuddle with them. Again with the double standard, really? To answer my earlier question about why rules only apply to some and not others, its because the Almighty Alec had spoken. What he said had to be so but rules don’t apply to him. Simple as that.

7. Forbidden to be with the rabbits.
I’ll start off by saying that this is a rule that Alec had come up with, not I. Barker averages about 20 lbs while each of my two dwarf rabbits average a weight of 2 lbs each. Barker goes around chasing my poor rabbits and I don’t say a thing. Alec on the other hand says that Barker can’t be with the rabbits because my rabbits sometimes leave a few stray poops around and Barker ends up eating it and he doesn’t like that. For one thing, if you fed your dog properly he wouldn’t be doing that. For another, if a giant creature 10 times your size is chasing you, of course you’ll end up shitting yourself sometimes! His dog is allowed around the apartment at any given moment but when a single rabbit’s paw reached past the threshold of our room, Alec makes it clear to us by going “HEY! Your rabbits out!” and expecting us to coop them back up in our room.

8. Our neighborhood is dangerous.
Despite my misleading title.. we live in a supervised gated apartment community. We have automatic gates for residents and security patrol as well on-site security guard(s). The neighbors are super friendly and diverse and we just love living here! Why is that Alec would think the neighborhood is dangerous? Alec is racist. Not only is he racist, his dog is as well. Whenever someone with a darker skin tone (doesn’t even matter what actual race), he’ll start getting uncomfortable, growling, and/or barking. Alec went bowling across the street once and made a comment about how he’d never go back because a lot of African Americans attend that bowling alley. Besides all that though, Barker got injured. Our community includes a dog park behind the pools and while walking Barker once, an African American man’s larger dog attacked Barker and bit his neck. There was some blood loss but nothing serious. I was totally hurt seeing Barker like that but I in no way was going to blame an entire community for one incident. After that, Alec refused to bring Barker back to the dog park. He said that it was dangerous, dirty because everyone in the community’s dogs went there, and Barker was scared to go back after getting hurt. Ian and I found this to be total B.S. We had noticed signs of Alec being too lazy to take care of Barker before this incident and we just feel like it gave him an excuse to use. The dog park is about a few minutes walk from our apartment so Alec began letting Barker do his business across the parking lot on the landscape where the front office forbids us to let dogs go on. They pay good money to keep the grass, bushes, flowers, and trees nice because this is a high-end apartment complex. I can see why pets aren’t allowed there but it was convenient for Alec so he did it anyways. It was a clear sign even that wasn’t lazy enough for him because if Barker wouldn’t finish his business within a few minutes (he didn’t keep a consistent schedule or anything and just took him out when it was convenient for him), he would yell at him and drag him back upstairs without letting him do it all. (No wonder he pees INSIDE the apartment.) Despite Alec’s rule, when Ian and I watched Barker, we made time to walk him to the dog park and let him play for more than just 5 minutes. He wasn’t scared at all to go back and did his business quite quickly there. Whenever dogs came while he was there, no matter if they were big or small, he would happily play with them. It seemed more like Ian and I were Barker’s owners, not Alec. If you aren’t going to make time for a pet, why get one at all?

9. This dog is in no way potty trained.
Alec made it clear before we moved in and numerous times afterwards that Barker was potty trained. Ian and I kept a bottle of Nature’s Miracle spray handy in case of accidents from our rabbits but they were potty trained to their litter box so we weren’t really using it. This bottle was practically brand new when we had it and after living with Barker we not only used up that bottle but had to buy a whole new bottle of a larger size too! This stuff is not cheap and of course Alec borrowed it nonstop anyways. There is definitely way more pee on this apartment’s carpet from Barker than our rabbits and yet our rabbits were the ones always in trouble for accidents. Alec would make a big deal if one of our rabbits stray poops were to be found anywhere in the apartment when these are literally smaller than a cocoa puff.Yet his dog was constantly peeing when he wasn’t supposed to! These accidents weren’t just pee too. Barker got really excited running around the apartment one time and he just stopped in the hallway in front of Alec’s room and decided to start pooping. Alec wasn’t home of course so Ian had to deal with the mess. Does this in any way sound like a potty trained dog?! While on the other hand my rabbits never once peed outside their litter box.

You see that tiny little dot on the ground? That’s one piece of their poop..

10. His stuff is EVERYWHERE.
Remember the initial move-in post when Alec asks if Barker could have his own cabinet? Yep. He got one. One that stayed basically empty the whole time he was living here. We gave him a nice sized cabinet that would’ve clearly fit most if not all of Barker’s things but of course when you open it you only find a few bags of treats inside and his dog dish. (I remember when our current roommate was first being shown around the apartment and she opened what was soon going to be her own cabinet and laughed because she didn’t understand why someone would make it a point to demand something and then not use it.)Instead, you would find that all of Barker’s stuff would be along the wall of our dining area just messily tossed around. His toys would be anywhere in the house depending on where he last left it and his leash would be found either on the floor, on the couch that we all share, or on MY bar stool that I brought during the move.

The large cabinet you see in the picture is marked for Barker but as you can see, all his stuff is NOT inside at all. The drawer above that is Alec’s but that is also empty as well! HA! (The microwave is the only thing that is mine in this picture besides the dining room chairs (Ian’s) that we allow him to use as well.

It’ll also be a mystery to me why someone would get a pet they don’t really care about. So, I’ve noticed that this post is quite long and its only about his dog. I wonder how many more posts before I’m ever done ranting about the horrible owner.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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