Sesame Oil is the New Water

Ian and I signed a one year lease with this guy right? Well, in the entire term of that lease, he never bought any cooking ingredients for himself. This meant like, oil, seasonings, soy sauce, condiments, etc. He did buy one or two containers of replacement salt when we ran out though. I wouldn’t want to not give him credit where its due. Well, I love cooking and baking so I try to keep a lot of stuff on hand in case I have a spur of the moment “I want to make something” mood. This is a completely new area than I am used to because prices for items are different and supply as well. Back at home with my parents, the stuff I usually use is much more accessible and most of the time cheaper. For example, a bottle of the same brand sesame oil will go for $3-$4 back home and is a whopping $7 where we had moved to. It isn’t a huge bottle or anything either. Its a glass 11 fl oz bottle.

Alec has always been on some weird health craze since moving in because of his “special” diet. As time went on he was buying his own brown eggs because apparently the brown ones are better. (Research shows they have the same nutritional benefits.) He bought wheat bread while I continued to stick to my beloved white. After a while, he decided that olive oil wasn’t healthy enough either. Sesame oil was better. Now, I think olive oil is just fine for cooking purposes so I purchase the Costco sized bottles to use so I don’t have to run to the store as often. This of course is WAY bigger than my small sesame oil bottle that I use more as an ingredient than a cooking oil. Alec begins to use up my sesame oil like there is no tomorrow. There came a point where I was just confused as to why I kept buying a new bottle every 6 weeks or so and Ian had a talk with Alec about this. He admitted that he was using the oil more often because he was cooking with it but STRONGLY denied that he was using up as much as I claimed.

Now, before Alec moved in, I was basically living by myself with Ian visiting quite often. I had bought a single bottle of sesame oil for that year and ended up moving to the new apartment with more than half that bottle left. I first asked Ian if he was using it more often too and he told me he flavors some stuff with it but not enough to continuously use up a whole 11 oz bottle. Now, unless we have a ghost or a thief that only uses up sesame oil and leaves, I’m going to put my bet on the roommate. He continuously denies using it up throughout the period of living together even when its found opened on his side of the kitchen. It was just ridiculous. Now, I would not give a single damn if he was using it up if he had helped pay for any of it but no. He denies it so that he doesn’t have to. What is the deal with that? After the entire year of living with him I counted 5 receipts for new bottles of sesame oil. It was like he was just chugging that stuff down. You’ll understand what I mean when I tell you that he doesn’t home-cook his meals often. He spends most weekends with Alice so he’s not home and on nights when he has class til late, he buys takeout. So if you think about it and do the math. Where is all this oil going?! As Ian says, just because sesame oil is healthier, doesn’t mean you go and use more of it. Defeats the purpose no? Its still oil in the end.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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