Two Filters are Better Than One

While moving into the new apartment, I figured a source of clean drinking water was going to be a definitely must. I had a pitcher that filtered the water (a different brand than Brita) that worked just fine and I had plenty of filters to go with it. Alec decided that this just wasn’t convenient enough. He told us he wanted to get something that stuck onto the faucet of our kitchen sink and filtered out the water for us. I didn’t really understand what it was but he had stated that he previously owned one and it worked for him. That was fine. It was his money.

After bringing this contraption home, it just got in the way all the time. The apartment’s faucets were quite low for the sink and the thing he stuck on was bulky and huge. Every time you wanted to wash a pot of any sort, you would literally need the sink to be empty. Of course, the sink WASN’T empty though because he’d always have dishes around. It was actually ridiculous how many dishes he had for a person living by himself. Anyways, I would make it a point to let him know that but he kept insisting this was better than the filter process that I had going. Fine. I didn’t want to argue because maybe he’s right. It was more convenient to flip a little button on the faucet compared to refilling a pitcher where the water had to take time to filter.

When this filter thing of his finally started blinking a red color. He came out and actually took apart the thing and said it needed replacing. When I finally got a look at how it actually worked. I was PISSED. It used the exact same filters that my pitcher used. All this nonsense about how his filters better and what not and it turned out to be the same?! It was just ridiculous. He was just being lazy as always! This thing not only cost 3 times as much as the pitcher I had, but it got in the way of doing dishes all the time! I really wouldn’t have been mad at all if he didn’t make it such a big deal about how his purchase was so much better than mine. Now that he’s moved out, that horrible thing is off my faucet and doing dishes has never been less stressful.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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