This Girl is Getting Abused..

Now, I’ve told you all about Alice, Alec’s girlfriend. I haven’t told you much though. She is an international student who has come here from Hong Kong. Being foreign, she’s not accustomed to a lot of things here in America. That is a HORRIBLE thing when you have a manipulative, compulsive lying, aggressive boyfriend.

There was a time when I invited all of Ian’s friends over to my place to hang out. That being said, I specifically invited his friends Oliver and Ethan. Alec was in no way contacted or invited by me. Guess who showed up with everyone else though? Alec, of course! And look.. he’s brought Alice as well! Wonderful. Really though, who invites themselves to someone else’s home?? That’s a thing!? Oh, and thanks for the notice to say you were coming too! Well.. he’s here now and I didn’t want to be rude so I couldn’t really kick em out. The moment my father set eyes on Alec, he was SO unhappy. He saw right through the “I pretend to be nice so no one can see how much of a dick I am.” My dad saw how narcissistic he was and noticed how he felt better than everyone else. At that time and place, I didn’t really know and maybe should’ve listened to my dad. Well, we’re all sitting around playing cards and at one point, Alec gets MAD at Alice because she keeps making taunts but never really acts out on them. As a matter of fact, he gets so mad he starts yelling at her and ends up hitting her hand to get the card out of it. Are you for real?? You’re hitting your girlfriend in mu home?? Way to make a first impression (it was his first time and LAST time hopefully ever there.) Everyone else kind of just brushed it off since I guess they’re used to seeing this behavior from him but I was appalled. This was not the way to treat a lady. Alice herself even laughed it off as if it was nothing.

Fast forward into now living with Alec and having seen him interact with Alice occasionally when she’s over. It was a clear sign she was in an abusive relationship. Alec yelled at her calling her stupid and a bitch all the time! Now.. I understand if you’re calling your girlfriend all these things as a joke and it’s a thing that you guys laugh about, but this was clearly not the case. You could see the angry and upset in his eyes when he did these things and she was clearly not seeing what was happening. She was forced to clean up after him and do his bidding. If not, she would be yelled at. This is a girl who comes from a nice household back home where she is used to having someone do these things for her. She doesn’t even know how to cook because that’s what her housekeeper back home was for! After talking to Ian about how I felt about this, we had come to the conclusion this was what was happening: Alice is not used to the way things are in America so when Alec tells her something she’ll believe him. We are thinking that she is just oblivious to what was going on. On top of this, Alec was the first boy who asked her out here and kind of showed her around and befriended her. This made her feel a sort of loyalty to him. To prove this was the case. Alec made her a birthday cake one time (I’ll tell you more about the experience another time) and instead of frosting it normally. He frosted it with just softened butter. She ate this cake and told him how yummy this was. Now, maybe she could just have horrible taste buds that I don’t know about but I sure as hell am not gonna think eating sticks of butter is tasty.

Something that Alice doesn’t know is, even though she holds so much loyalty up to him, he has none to her. Alec has made it very clear to Ian, Ethan, Roger (another friend I’ll talk more about later), and Oliver, that when he breaks up with Alice, he does not want any of them to remain friends with her. What right do you have to tell other people who they can and cannot be friends with? The audacity of this guy.. As you know by now, Alice is an international student so she is what he considers a “FOB.” Alec HATES FOBs, (even though he is one technically as well! Stupid right?) and swears he would never date one. Well.. your girlfriend apparently fits under this category so uhh.. what?? Also, Alice has asked him numerous times to meet her parents and was so excited for her graduation because her mom would come and those two could meet. Alec had absolutely no intentions of this. He told the guys that he didn’t want to meet her parents because that would mean the relationship was serious and he didn’t want it to be. You are with this woman for 3+ years, she worships you, and you lie to her and treat her like dirt. I’m confused as to why this is a thing. I’m beyond confused, really.

I felt bad for this girl yes but it was not my place to speak up because I barely knew her. Hell, I barely knew him. Currently she is back in Hong Kong after finishing getting her degree from one of the top ranked schools in our state. (How can she really be stupid if she went to a far better school than we did.) I’m not glad Alec is still near me but at least he’s away from her.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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