All The Lies..

Maybe its just me.. but I don’t feel the need to lie to a stranger about things. Even if they do live with me. What difference would it make right? They’d just go on living their life anyways. Now, that’s basically the relationship Alec and I had. We were basically strangers to one another. The only tie we had together was Ian. He felt the need to make up lies about Ian and his relationship to somehow prove something. What was he trying to prove? I have no clue. Ian would always end up telling me the truth anyways. Come on, he’s my boyfriend! Like I’d really believe you over him. On top of the fact that Alec doesn’t have a good track record with me anyways!

Alec made a phone call to Ian before we moved in about how he thought I wasn’t good enough for him. He told Ian that because I mentioned that I had gotten a new $10,000 limit on my credit card that I’d be all about the money. Bitch please.. if I was all about the money I wouldn’t be with Ian to begin with! Ian is nowhere close to someone who has money. He’s living paycheck to paycheck working a part-time while going to school. If I was all about my money I would still be with my ex-boyfriend who definitely had money and spoiled me with it. Anyways.. after all this big talk about how I shouldn’t be throwing such large amounts of money around, Alec goes and does the exact same thing.. ten-fold. Alec would constantly remind us about how he is the favorite son to his father who is a millionaire or something. I thought that was funny because he lives in this dinky little apartment back at home. He made a huge explanation about how he had a house but it was taken from him and what not. If your father loved you so much, I doubt he’d let you live there but whatever. I don’t know their relationship, I’m not going to say more about it. He did continue on about how he helped pay for all the bills in the household with the money his father gave him. Their monthly expenses would be in the thousands and sometimes over ten thousand. This is the guy who gave me shit about a new credit card limit? Someone who’s three person household spends THOUSANDS a month?? Why??

Now, onto the moment we had lived together for a while. Ian is pretty darn smart especially in academics but he really doesn’t apply himself. He does the bare minimum without having to study too much. The subject he seems best at would be math. Seeing as how Ian was one class ahead of Alec in math, Alec took it upon himself to ALWAYS ask Ian for help. This wasn’t a big deal or anything. If you need help you ask for it; didn’t bother me. What did bother me was the fact that he had to lie about it. I was home one day while Ian was still at school. Alec told me all about how he wasn’t asking Ian for math help because he really needed it. He told me it was to help Ian. He said how he saw that Ian wasn’t applying himself and by asking him for help, he’d give Ian an excuse to work on something productive and academic. Um.. can I just say.. WHAT A SH*TLOAD OF BULLCR*P! If you need help, you couldn’t just admit it? Did you really have to come up with a bunch of excuses to make yourself seem like the bigger better person?? We tested my theory out one night when Alec came knocking on the door AGAIN (he did this CONSTANTLY, almost every night or at least every other night.) When he asked for Ian, I lied and told him “Ian is kind of busy right now. He has an assignment due tonight and he’s working on it.” Now.. if it was really about helping Ian be productive and work on school, I’d get an answer similar to “Okay! That’s great. Keep up the work.” or something. Nope. Instead he just walked away. Okay, that’s fine too. Or it would’ve been if he didn’t come back within a minute pounding on the door this time saying, “I need Ian! It won’t take long.” You could see the rise in anger he had about not getting the help he wanted at that very moment. So much for being the good friend looking to help out Ian right? I mean, you can clearly tell he didn’t really need the help. It was all for the good of Ian. -.-

The lies didn’t stop there though, there was another time where he told me all about how he would always go to Ian’s house and they’d do homework together. He bragged about how Ian was never going to actually do homework unless he was there. He told me all about the times that they’d copy off each other’s math homework whenever one or the other didn’t do it. This sounded familiar (I had friends I did this with.) and nice. It would be nice if it wasn’t all a big fat lie. When Ian came home I told him all about my chat with Alec when he asked me how my day was. Ian was appalled by what he heard me say. First he wanted to address that Ian did just fine in school. He wasn’t the best student but he did well enough to pass. Second, he told me that never in all the years that he has known Alec has he had math class with him. I was like huh? What about middle school? High school? Nope. They met when Alec moved from another country to their middle school, and they ever once had math together. Well.. if you’re gonna lie about something, at least make sure they worked with some kind of truth right? Third, Ian’s parents didn’t like Alec. Why? He’d apparently always go over their house and want to play with Ian so that Ian couldn’t really do his homework. (Ian’s parent had a talk with me about this and told me all about how that was just Ian’s personality. If someone he considers a friend wants help, he’d give up his own studies to help him. Ian’s parents told me because he was constantly helping out Alec with his homework, his grades dropped because of it. Alec’s of course went up.) Ian confirmed this story and felt embarrassed about it too. He told about how Alec was failing English (he’s foreign so its not that great) and he helped proofread all his papers and what not and pulled up his grade while his grade suffered and he got dropped down to a D. I can totally believe this story because before moving in, I was trying to be nice and do him a favor and help him proofread his paper. I had read the story before and did my own thesis paper on the subject. That paper was a total mess. It was repetitive in the thesis in totally not a good way. He didn’t address a lot of the points and I ended up cutting his paper quite short deleting useless information. He actually was upset with me when I did this without filling in his paper with something good instead. Wha?? This isn’t my paper.. Giving you my work is plagiarism sir.

I guess I had gotten pretty big hints before he moved in that I would not get along with this guy. I did it for Ian though. Its his friend and I wasn’t going to do anything to ruin a friendship, even if I did disapprove.

XOXO AngryRantBlogger


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